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Sports fitness and Injury Prevention

Channel 4 concussion interview.


Concussion material, players, coaches and parents should read this, great material.

The following link found at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (http://www.cdc.gov) has been sent by richardljayreno@yahoo.com.

CDC - Heads Up Youth Sports - Concussion - Traumatic Brain Injury - Injury Center

Concussion Fact Sheet from CDC

State of Nevada has legislation regarding youth concussions, please read this material.

Concussion quiz from CDC

Take this quiz to see how much you know about concussions

Check list and action plan for concussion, actual or suspected. Please read the material

Coaches, there will be more training for recognition of concussions, if in doubt error in the side of caution. Remember concussions are virtually invisible and we only get one brain.

US Youth information

General fitness information.

Concussion Traning material

The State of Nevada has recently enacted new laws regarding consussion prevention and recognition. AB455 talks about our role in providing traning material. Please review this information from the CDC. We as a league will offer courses once NYSA develops the material. Bottom line, if in doubt keep the player out of the game and have them get examined by their physician, better safe than sorry.

South RAC Speed School Video

Travis Hansen, South RAC Speed School Instructor trains several GBYSL soccer players. Please contact the South Reno Athletic Club for more information.

Agility class for soccer athletes





Dear coaches and parents,

Sierra Strength and Speed has always provided top notch classes for the Northern Nevada athletes’ and this year we are increasing the options for our soccer development.  Our classes for young athletes have always been centered around injury prevention but this year we are making a more concerted effort in really working with our young athletes to improve their athletic development and prevent injuries.  This is not a conditioning class it is an agility, footwork, dynamic warm-up, leg strength, and running mechanics format.  Our facility is open for running full speed drills and our staff understands the early development and fundamentals that need to occur for proper progression.
We like to run classes in a 6 week block.  Classes are broken down by age group and they will begin with one time per week if we get enough interest we can add a second time per week.  The cost is typically $12-15/athlete/session.

If you have more questions please do not hesitate to call.

Thanks, Rob
Rob M. Conatser, M.A., LAT, ATC, CSC
Sierra Strength & Speed

Policy on orthopedic casts!

5.02 Player Equipment Restrictions and Rules.
a. Orthopedic casts are not allowed unless covered on all exterior surfaces with no less than ½ inch thick, high density, closed-cell polyurethane, or an alternative material, bubble wrap is acceptable (USYSNV Rule 3:14:01)  A doctors note must be provided to release the player for soccer.  Referees have final ruling if they feel the player(s) are at risk.

c. No last name will be on a player’s jersey.