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Competitive Teams Information


Important Dates to remember for FALL 2014

July 17th – Teams attending the Reno Tahoe Soccer Festival on August 8, 9 and 10 must be submitted for cards and rosters – with new photos.
July 22, 2014 – All teams must also be submitted to 2014/2015 NYSA State Registration – Cards/Rosters (8/1/2014) and to the “GBYSL 2014 COMPETITIVE (FALL) LEAGUE”.


August 20, 2014 – Player adds may be submitted to be processed.  Player adds will be processed and returned as soon as possible.  I am aware this is the same date as the team check in. 

August 20, 2014 – Fall team check in date.  All teams will have their medical releases reviewed and player cards stamped for spring season.  Parent Conduct forms are required also.  Location:  GBYSL office at 5301 Longley Lane, #A5, Reno.  Time:  11am to 1pm and 2pm to 6:30pm.

August 22 or 23, 2014 – GBYSL game schedule will begin during this week/weekend.


  1. For registration, an updated policy has been approved regarding the team roster size needed to register a team.  The policy is:

“GBYSL will not register a team to league play unless the team roster has the minimum number of players to field a team according to the team age division.  For example, U10, U11 and U12 will play 9v9; therefore they must have 9 players to register the team.  U13 and up teams play 11v11 and must have 11 players to register the team to the game schedule.”

  1. They will need to submit their blackout dates to the game schedule by July 22 based upon the tournaments they know or think they may be applying.
  2. Each team is required to have at least two certified USSF referees.  The names of their referees are required to be submitted for the game schedule.
  3. Player adds after the game schedule season begins, must be submitted by Tuesday of each week to be returned by Friday. 

Competitive Play Days - FALL 2014 -THIS IS A TENTATIVE SCHEDULE

Monday - U14 both divisions, U10B (Same as last fall)
Tuesday - U11B, U12B
Wednesday - U10G, U12G
Thursday U13 Both Divisions U11G
Friday Reschedules and 4 U13-14 games will be moved from Saturday and play at Shadow


U10 8-1-2004 THROUGH 7-31-2005
U11  8-1-2003 THROUGH 7-31-2004
U12  8-1-2002 THROUGH 7-31-2003
U13  8-1-2001 THROUGH 7-31-2002
U14  8-1-2000 THROUGH 7-31-2001
U15  8-1-1999 THROUGH 7-31-2000
U16  8-1-1998 THROUGH 7-31-1999
U17  8-1-1997 THROUGH 7-31-1998
U18  8-1-1996 THROUGH 7-31-1997
U19  8-1-1995 THROUGH 7-31-1996


There are several items that have been brought to my attention in reviewing the game reports and hearing from the referees.  I would like to remind you of some procedural requirements so your game does not end in a forfeit or a fine assessment to your team.

1.  The team listed as  HOME on the game schedule has the following requirements - even if it is not your "home" field.

  • HOME team is responsible for printing a "current" game card and providing it to the Center Referee.  It is not the Referee's responsibility to bring the game card.  Failure to print a "current" game card could lead to a forfeit by the home team.
  • HOME team is responsible for providing the game ball.
  • HOME team is responsible for placing the corner flags on the field.  The code to the box at South Valley is 5301.
  • HOME team is responsible for returning the corner flags to the equipment box and locking them up.  Failure to return the flags is a $75 fine assessed to the team,.

2.  ALL teams have the responsibility to provide the Center Referee with approved team player cards and coach/team official cards.  There have been cases this season of non-carded team officials on the team sideline.  As of today, the Referees have been reminded that only carded and rostered team coaches and team officials may be on the team sideline.  All other adults must be on the opposite side of the field.  There are no exceptions.

3.  PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE update your player's jersey number on your team roster.  Once you have done so, please email me so I can refresh your roster and the numbers will show on your game card.  There are numerous teams without player jersey numbers and incorrect jersey numbers on their game card.  The referees need those numbers to be on the game card and if they are not, a delay in the start of the game may occur  while waiting for you to put the correct numbers with the player on the game card.

4.  Intra-Club Guest Player Policy.  Many teams are using the Intra-Club guest player policy this season to avoid forfeiting a game.  Several teams have been trying to use guest players without following the procedure. To do so, will result in a forfeit by your team.  The current version of the guest player policy is posted to the GBYSL website under the "By-laws, Rules & Policy" menu tab on the left side of the website, www.gbysl.org.  There are detailed instructions on the use of the policy and how to get approval for guest players.  Please review the policy so you are aware of proper procedures. 

Overall, the season has been quite successful with fewer discipline issues than past spring seasons. I have enjoyed being on the field and watching your teams play. Thank you for instilling good sportsmanship and play in your teams.  With only one month remaining, I wish you a successful season.  Best of luck to all our teams traveling to tournaments over Memorial Day weekend.

Remember, email me when you update your jersey numbers.  If you have any questions, please email or call me.

Thank you!

Vicki LaRovere
Great Basin Youth Soccer League


US Youth Soccer Travel paperwork is no longer required to travel outside of Nevada to any state in Region IV, except Cal South (this may be changing).  Notification of travel out of state is required though.  Please notify Vicki of your intent to travel via email to vicki.gbysl@sbcglobal.net.

The traveling team must have a rostered D licensed HEAD coach attending the tournament in order to be approved to travel out of state.


1.  Email Vicki at vicki.gbysl@sbcglobal.net your intention to travel to an out of state tournament as a USYS team.  Send her the travel roster of players attending the event.

2.  If you add guest players at a later date, send that information as well.  Guest paperwork will be required.  Please fax or scan your signed guest form, aka "Player Action Form" to Vicki for signature.

3.  If you are traveling as US Club with US Club cards, no notification is necessary.

4.  If you are traveling on your NYSA State card to a US Club tournament, US Club insurance is no longer necessary.  You do need to submit the "Travel to US Club document to me within 72 hours of your planned departure.  The form is below.


Spring 2014 Play Days:
Saturday – all teams play
Friday – reschedules

Monday - 10B, 14B, 14G, 15G
Tuesday - 12B, 10G, 16G, 17-18G
Wednesday - 11B, 15B, 13G, 17B
Thursday - 13B, 11G, 12G

GBYSL will be closed down for league games the following dates:

March 28 through April 6 for spring break - no play,
May 23 through 26th for Memorial Day Weekend - no play

Comstock Boys weekend - girls will play
Comstock Girls weekend - boys will play



Coaches, each Club Registrar has been sent instructions for Spring League and State Registration.  Please contact your club registrar with questions.  If your team is an independent (non-club) team, please contact me directly at either my email address, vicki.gbysl@sbcglobal.net, or my phone, 775-250-8509. 

Here is a brief summary of what the Club Registrars were sent:
Registration Deadline is a date different from each Club Registrar.  Please ask your Registrar what date she/he needs your spring registration.  My date falls in the middle of January.

Returning fall teams:

1.     1.  Do not submit fall paperwork again.  The players are registered to a continuing team.

2.      2.  Do submit a Player Action Form and the player card for each player NOT returning to any of your club teams this spring.

3.      3.  Do submit to me a list of players moved from one team to another in your club. Do submit to me their fall player card.  I will need to officially move them on the NYSA side so they can get a new player card and be a part of the official roster.

4    4.  Do submit a list of new players on returning teams so that I can issue the player a player card.

5.      5.  If a returning fall team has new players on it for spring, please see #4 above.  New players will need to have their birth certificate and photo uploaded to the player account – just like we did for fall registration.

6.      6.  Do submit a Fee Computation form with the registration fees of $100 per player.  This form is posted to the”Competitive” menu tab on the GBYSL website.

7.      7.  Do make sure all your returning teams have registration/medical release forms AND signed Parent Conduct forms for all of their players.  They will need them for spring check in on March 14.

8.      8.  Do enter your returning fall teams to the GBYSL 2014 Competitive (SPRING) League” if they want to play in the spring game schedule.

All teams will be required to check in for spring stickers and verification of medical releases (just as we did in fall) prior to the game schedule starting.  This date will be March 13, 2014.

New spring teams:

1.       Do send new spring teams to both the “GBYSL 2014 Competitive (SPRING) League” and the “2013/2014 NYSA State Registration – Cards/Rosters (8/1/2013)”. Remember, the NYSA State Registration is where I print each team’s player cards and official rosters.

2.      Do process these teams the same as you did for fall 2013 registration.  All players will need to either have their birth certificate uploaded to their player account or have a Yellow highlighted “V” next to their birthdate and name.

3.      Do return transferred player cards to me.  If you move players from a fall team to a new spring team, then I will need their fall card returned so that I can officially move the player to the new team and issue him/her a new player card and put him/her on the new official roster.

4.      Do submit a fee computation form for each of the new teams.  Registration fees are $100 per player, plus one time annual team fee of $25.  The fee computation form is posted to the “Competitive” menu tab on the GBYSL website.

5.      Do make sure that all new teams have a notebook with their player registration form/medical release paperwork AND Parent Conduct forms ready to present at the team check in date.


A couple of things you should be aware of... We are super limited on play dates for this season. I have made a very concerted effort to not give teams games during fall breaks in their school districts, but due to a lack of fields, this wasn't always possible. Week day game times in October start getting a little earlier as the month goes on. I consulted sunset tables so that games could get completed before dark. I have checked and double checked that all blackout dates in GotSoccer are figured in. I have done my best to conform to all the noted requests, but I have to be honest... over 500 emails relating to the Fall season is a lot to keep straight. Please let me know if you see any massive errors like playing 2 games on one day at the same time in different cities. Good luck this season Eric


Points Setup                            Tie-Breaker Setup

Points per Win                  3         Tie Breaker 1                     Head to Head
Points per Tie                   1          Tie Breaker 2                     Most Wins
Points per Loss                 0         Tie Breaker 3                     Most Shutouts
Add’l points per goal         0         Tie Breaker 4                     Goals Against
Add’l points per                            Tie Breaker 5                    Goals For
Goal Count Limit               0         Tie Breaker 6                     Goal Differential
Add’l points per Shutout     0        Goals for Limit                       6
Penalty points -Yellow Cd   0        Goals Against Limit               6
Penalty points -Red Cd      1        Goal Differential Limit            6


Player adds after August 16, 2013 will be processed as follows:

Player Add paperwork submitted by Tuesday will be returned by Friday of the same week.
If received after Tuesday, it will be processed the following week. 

To process the player add, Coach or Team Manager must provide:

  1. Completed US Youth Membership form or club approved registration form with medical release portion signed by the parent.
  2. Parent Conduct Form
  3. Copy of Player's birth certificate
  4. Registration fee
  5. All information and facial photo of the player must be in the team account the player will be added.

Uniform Policy

Uniforms-Home team will be dressed in light color, visitor will wear dark color, and in case of same color the HOME team will change uniforms.  All teams are to have two distinctive colors, one dark and one light.  Failure to follow procedures could result in forfeiture of game at the discretion of the referee. 

f. all uniforms will have a club logo on the front of every uniform
g. All recreational players must wear the league provided uniform, no exceptions.
h. A player must not use equipment or wear anything which is dangerous to himself or another player (including any kind of jewelry).
The basic compulsory equipment of a player is:
     - A jersey or shirt
     - Shorts -- if thermal undershorts are worn, they are of the same main color as the shorts
    - Stockings
    - Shinguards
(USSF guidance follows Law 4:) SHINGUARDS
      - are covered entirely by the stockings
      - are made of a suitable material (rubber, plastic, or similar substances) - provide a reasonable degree of protection
      - footwear
5.02.01. Advertising on uniforms
Advertising on uniforms will follow these guidelines;
        -No advertising on back of uniform-PLAYER NUMBER ONLY 6”
        -Advertising will be allowed on the sleeves
-Advertising will be allowed on the front of the uniform, along with club logo.
-No advertising from companies that include, alcohol, all forms of alcohol, birth preventions (i.e. condoms), brothels and any other social deemed unacceptable firms. 
-The Executive Board will monitor companies on uniforms and can change the policy in the best interest of youth soccer.


GBYSL Referee Assignor Contact Information

Matt Taber, 775-225-4019

Jimmy Huynh, 775-338-4277