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Referee Information

Referee Recertification Procedures

Referees needing to recertify for the 2015 year will need to follow these procedures (please note that if your first referee certification was awarded after July 1, 2014, you do NOT need to recertify)....
1.  Go to the State Referee Committee website, www.nvssr.com
2.  Click the "Registration" tab on the blue bar
3.  From the drop down menu, select "Current Referee"
4.  Scroll down to Step 1--Online Payment
     a.  click the link that will take you to the US Soccer site
     b.  log in using your log in information for that site.  If you cannot log in DO NOT use the 'new user signup'.  Email  Greg          West at refcommish@gmail.com for assistance in finding your log in information.
     c.  Review and change any of your biographical information.  Make sure you have a unique email address entered
     d.  After completing payment, you will receive, via email, a receipt for payment.  Keep that for your records.
5.  Scroll down to Step 2--Referee Course
     a.  select the referee course for your current grade.  Watch all modules.  You will receive certificates of completion via               email from US  Soccer.  Keep these also for your records.
6.  After watching course modules, test by attending one of the sessions posted on the GBYSL website (see below).
Any questions, please email Greg West at refcommish@gmail.com.  We are trying to make the process easy as possible.  We (State Referee Committee) appreciate your patience as we work to assist you.

Referee Recertification--Reno/Sparks

Recertification opportunitites are scheduled at the GBYSL office on the following days:
December 17, 22, and 29--5:00 pm to 8:00 pm, no test begins after 7:30 pm
December 20 and 27 from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm, no test begins after 11:30 am
There will be no additional dates scheduled in December.  
Referees will need to pay registration fees and view their respective referee course modules online.  Please refer to the Recertification Procedures section on this page.  No payments will be accepted on testing dates, but there will be a computer or two that we can use to help referees to register and pay their fees.  Fee schedule can be found on the state referee website at www.nvssr.com.
At the very least, register and pay your fee online before December 31, 2014.  After that date, there may be substantial increases in your registration fee.  You can watch course modules and test after December 31st with no penalty.
If you have any questions, contact Greg West at refcommish@gmail.com

Referee Recertification--Carson City

(south side of Fairview, east of Saliman, west of I-580 interchange)
THURSDAY 12/18/14
5 to 7:30 PM
TUESDAY 12/30/14
5 to 7:30 PM
Talents Athletic Center
2749 N Carson St. Suite B
Carson City, NV 89706
December 20, from 1:00 pm to 6:00 pm
December 22, from 5:30 to 8:30 pm
Please remember, pay fees online through NVSSR.COM to avoid possible fee increases in effect 1/1/2014.  You may watch grade level course modules, then take test on one of the above dates.

Referee Classes

US Soccer has revamped their instructor program.  Classes for referee training will NOT be offered until February 2015 at the earliest.  This will allow instructors in the area to be trained in the new points of emphasis encouraged by US Soccer.

Questions?  Contact Greg West at refcommish@gmail.com

Referee Class Changes

Beginning July 1, changes in referee courses were made.  To best serve GBYSL we will implement the following:

Grade 8 Class (8 hours total) will be used to train youth and adults who wish to work games as referees.  These classes will prepare referees as both a referee and assistant referee.  Upon completion, participants will be expected to work games for GBYSL. Cost for this class is $55.00.

Grade 9 Class (8 hours total) will be used for parents wishing to serve as a referee to fulfill the GBYSL Team Referee policy requiring each team to have two certified referees associated with a team.  This class will prepare parents to serve in the role of assistant referee should the need arise on a particular game day.  Upon completion of the class, participants will be able to fill in on a game when needed.  Cost for this class is $45.00

Individual clubs will host the Grade 9 classes.  Club presidents will be receiving details regarding scheduling a class for parents associated with their clubs in the next few days.

Questions?  Contact Greg West at refcommish@gmail.com

Registering for Events on Gotsoccer

Here are instructions to help you register for the recreational league, competitive league, or both.

Referee Pay Scale

Here is the new pay scale for GBYSL referees.

Getting Started as a Referee

Here is a document for those wishing to referee games for GBYSL.

Game Reporting on Gotsoccer

Here is a document that will help you report games on Gotsoccer.

Team Referee Guidelines

Referee Resources

GBYSL Referee Assignor Contact Information

Matt Taber, 775-225-4019  


Jimmy Huynh, 775-338-4277


Greg West-Referee Commissioner

Greg West has been named to the newly created position of Referee Commissioner.  His job will be to communicate information all referees in Northern Nevada.  He will work directly with the assignors, instructors, and evaluators. 

Greg can be reached by emailing him at refcommish@gmail.com