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Forms & Downloads


Travel paperwork is no longer required to travel outside of Nevada to any state in Region IV, except Cal South (this may be changing).


1.  Email Vicki at executivedirector@gbysl.org your intention to travel to an out of state tournament as a USYS team.  Send her the travel roster of players attending the event.

2.  If you add guest players at a later date, send that information as well.  Guest paperwork will be required.  Please fax or scan your signed guest form, aka "Player Action Form" to Vicki for signature.

3.  If you are travelling as US Club, no notification is necessary.

4.  If you are traveling on your NYSA State card to a US Club tournament, US Club insurance is no longer necessary.  You do need to submit the "Travel to US Club document to me within 48 hours of your planned departure.  The form is below.