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GBYSL By-Laws, Rules & Policies

Rules and Guidelines

We are rewriting several sections of the Rules, updates and such. We will present them shortly to the board for approval.  

GBYSL Policy Changes as of 9/22/14

Policy Changes - The underlined sections are what changed:

4.36a Referees.

(a) no changes

(b)The game referee may sendoff any offender or spectator and may require the offender to watch the game from the parking lot.  They must remain silent and show no disrespect to the referees for the remainder of the game.  If the ejected coach/spectator cannot remain silent, they can be asked to watch the games from the confines of their car.  If, however, such removal would leave a team without first aid support, the referee should allow the offender to be reasonably closer.

(c) If any offender does not comply with the instructions of the referee in a timely manner, the game may be terminated, in which case, the referee must report the incident to a League Officer within 24 hours.

4.31 Additional Penalties; Forms of Discretionary Penalties.

In addition to any automatic penalty, the appropriate authority may further discipline an offender.  Possible forms of discretionary penalties include, but are not limited to, any one or combination of the following measures:

  1. no changes
  2. no changes

(3) Temporary suspension from participating in League games for a period of time determined by the General or Executive Board or Committee (but suspension of a member team does not affect voting or other membership rights).  If a coach is coaching multiple teams, the suspension must follow to his/her team’s next game.

Guidelines for Casts per League Guidelines

CAST & BRACES: Must have a signed doctor’s release releasing the player to play.  The Center Referee has the final say as to the safety of the player and other players regarding casts.  Casts must be wrapped with ½” foam, bubble wrap or appropriate material. Knee braces must be covered with the manufacturer’s sleeve. No other wraps will be accepted.

Player Substitution Policy as Amended on July 11, 2014 at the AGM

Great Basin Youth Soccer League

New Substitution Rule for League Play (approved at AGM 7/11/14)

4.04 Substitution of Players

a. May be unlimited in number, but shall be allowed only:
               (1) On throw ins, free substitution by either team, as long as the player is ready at the half; at the discretion of the center referee.
               (2) Prior to a goal kick (either team may sub), as long as the player is ready at the half; at the discretion of the center referee.
               (3) After a goal (either team), as long as the player is ready at the half; at the discretion of the center referee
               (4) If the referee stops play due to an injury, the injured player must be substituted, and the other team may also substitute.
               (5) At half time.
               (6) Recreational division will publish guidelines in accordance with USYSA small sided games.

Uniform Policy

Uniforms-Home team will be dressed in light/white color, visitor will wear dark color, and in case of same color the HOME team will change uniforms.  All teams are to have two distinctive colors, one dark and one light.  Failure to follow procedures could result in forfeiture of game at the discretion of the referee.  

f. all uniforms will have a club logo on the front of every uniform
g. All recreational players must wear the league provided uniform, no exceptions.
h. A player must not use equipment or wear anything which is dangerous to himself or another player (including any kind of jewelry).
The basic compulsory equipment of a player is:
     - A jersey or shirt
     - Shorts -- if thermal undershorts are worn, they are of the same main color as the shorts
    - Stockings
    - Shinguards
(USSF guidance follows Law 4:) SHINGUARDS
      - are covered entirely by the stockings
      - are made of a suitable material (rubber, plastic, or similar substances) - provide a reasonable degree of protection
      - footwear
5.02.01. Advertising on uniforms
Advertising on uniforms will follow these guidelines;
        -No advertising on back of uniform-PLAYER NUMBER ONLY 6”
        -Advertising will be allowed on the sleeves
-Advertising will be allowed on the front of the uniform, along with club logo.
-No advertising from companies that include, alcohol, all forms of alcohol, birth preventions (i.e. condoms), brothels and any other social deemed unacceptable firms. 
-The Executive Board will monitor companies on uniforms and can change the policy in the best interest of youth soccer.




GBYSL is affiliated with US Youth Soccer as well as US Club.  Therefore, under US Soccer Federation (USSF) guidelines, the poaching policy will be enforced per the USSF* reciprocity agreement amongst its member groups. 

First offense of any poaching violation:  for example, asking players to attend a tournament without the player’s coach written permission is a six month suspension minimum.

Second offense of any poaching violation: one year minimum.

*USSF is the official governing body of the sport of youth soccer in the United States.  This includes the youth organizations of US Youth Soccer, US Club Soccer, American Youth Soccer Organization (AYSO) and SAY Soccer.

c. Registration fee refunds can be awarded to individual players ONLY under the following circumstances:
1. 100% refund: The registrar has processed no registration paperwork
2. 50% refund: Paperwork has been processed but the team has played no games.