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Coaching Information

U 6 Small sided rules

Please note Law 15

U8 Modifed rules

Please note Law 15, throw-in is allowed at this age with some comments. We start the referees at this age, one referee per game. All referees must be certified through NYSA and FIFA.

I10 Modified rules for Small sided games

We use three man referee teams.

U12 US Youth Soccer Small Sided Games modification for U12

We adhere to most of the recommendations where fesible


Accuracy of passing.

One ball per person.
A full half field would be ideal.

For players to get comfortable striking a ball with the inside of the feet for accuracy and utilizing the instep drive over distances.


  1. Player #1 and#2 stand next to each other to start.
  2. Player #1 passes his ball forward.  The distance does not matter (10-20 yards approximately).  Player #2 let’s player #1’s ball come to a complete stop.  Player #2 then tries to pass his ball and hit player #1’s ball.
  3. Every time a player hits his opponent’s ball they collect a point.
  4. The player that gets three points first wins.
  5. Players keep alternating passes until one hits the other players’ ball.
  6. Winners and losers from different groups are paired and repeat the exercise.
  7. Once players are comfortable with this exercise, allow players to hit the ball as a moving target.  At no time are any balls by either player allowed to come to full rest.
  8. Final progression to direct players to use a specific part of their foot only during that particular game.

Coaching Points:

  • Weight of passes
  • Timing of the pass
  • Accuracy of the pass
  • Utilizing instep with inside the foot as well as the outside of the foot

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