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Great Basin Youth Soccer League Clubs and Independent teams will hold tryouts from Monday June 20 through Sunday, July 10.  Each club and the independent teams will hold a separate tryout during the first week of tryouts.  Starting June 27th, clubs and independent teams may hold additional tryouts through July 10th. 

Coaches may start offering positions on their teams beginning Sunday, June 26th after 8PM.

Clubs and Independent team will provide flyers to the league to post regarding tryout dates, times and locations.  Below are the dates drawn by the clubs at the tryout draw.

Please click on the Club link located under the "home" tab for the individual club websites.

Monday, June -20th - Barcelona Norcal - see flyer below.
Tuesday, June 21st - Sagebrush Soccer Club - see flyer below.
Wednesday, June 22nd - Spanish Springs Soccer Club  - see flyer below.
Thursday, June 23rd - San Juan SC NV - see flyer below.
Friday, June 24th - Carson FC, Carson City
Saturday, June 25th - Players Soccer Club - see flyer below.
Sunday, June 26th -  Independent teams - see below.

South Tahoe Futbol Club will hold tryouts from June 21 - June 24.  More information to follow.

Sagebrush SC Supplemental Tryout

WEDNESDAY JUNE 29 2016 5-7 South Valley lower fields 
Team Renegade: New 2002/2003 U-15 Girls Competitive Team-Winter 16/Spring '17 For more information please contact Kourtney Squire at 775-857-9141 or email at kourtney.squire@gmail.com.
CONTACT MIKE DYER OR ONA MERLO AT 775-8432420 OR 775560-1066

*United Red 00 Boys

Open Practice Thursday 5:30-7:30  

Sage Ridge School in South Reno

Contact Patty Stoddard at 775-741-9220 OR 

Dan Matterson at dan@redrockwater.com


*UNITED 98 BOYS - We would consider adding one or two exceptional players. CONTACT.

Arne Hoel 775-815-7676

Ernesto Oliden  775-815-5900

Arne Hoel


*04  Lady Nomads  will be hosting a 2nd tryout - July 5,2016

 Mary GoJack Park at 9am 

CONTACT Brock Woodard,  bwnomads05@gmail.com

SSSC U13B supplemental tryout - June 30th

SSSC is looking for a few players for the following teams.

2004 (U13) Jaguars, Please Call Team Manager Janelle @ (775) 813-3894 or email @ janellekatinathomas@gmail.com

1999 (U18) Lady Jaguars (specifically a Keeper) Call Coach Ryan Long @ 775-745-5730 or email @ spanishspringssoccerclub@charter.net

2000 (U17) Lady Jaguars Call Coach Ryan Long @ 775-745-5730 or email @ spanishspringssoccerclub@charter.net

2001 (U16) Lady Jaguars Call Coach Joe Henry @ (775)-745-1072 or email @ imjoehenry@mac.com

Players SC - Teams still looking for players

Players SC is still looking for players for the following teams:

U11 girls team - Players born in 2006 and 2005
U14 boys team - Players born in 2003 and 2004

Please contact Club President, Randy Ritter, at 775-690-4815.

U13 Boys Players North 04 (HL)  is looking to add 4 additional players to the roster - Contact Yuliana Lopez at 775-813-2746 or Randy Ritter at 775-690-4815.

Barcelona Norcal has openings for players on the following teams

2006 Boys and Girls teams
2005 Boys and Girls teams
98/99 Boys and Girls teams

Please contact Brienne Lopez, Club Registrar at eyblopez@hotmail.com for more information.


*Tahoe Futbol Club , Ice needs kids born 04/05
 Contact is Wendy at 5305593481 or tahoewillis@yahoo.com


*We are still looking for a few players in the following ages:

2007 Girls

2004 Girls

2002 Girls

Please contact Jeff Cade at soccer4kids23@yahoo.com


*Intensity Girls U16 Independent team

Looking for additional players born in 2001 or 2002.

Please call Chris at 775-224-6888 for additional information and to set up a tryout time


**Sharp Shooters U13 Boys*

We are looking for multiple players who were born in 2004 or 2005 to join our team. Please contact Michael Kelley at 775-737-8792 or mwrkelley@yahoo.com for additional information

TRYOUTS begin June 20, 2016 - please review the Tryout Information

Dear Soccer Players, Coaches and Team Managers,

Tryouts for the 2016/2017 soccer year begin June 20. 

This letter contains quite a bit of information, please review carefully.  Great Basin Youth Soccer would like to remind you of the Tryout policies so you are fully informed prior to running or attending tryouts this year.

1.  Tryouts are held once a year during June and July for all age divisions - U10 through U19. There will not be tryouts in November. Players sign to a team for the seasonal year.  The GBYSL transfer policy is included at the end of this message.  There are strict rules regarding transfers once a player has committed to a team for the seasonal year.

2. All high school aged players, U15 and above, must tryout at the annual June and July tryouts.

3.  Coaches and Clubs may not discuss tryouts with players or parents until June 10th.  Once tryouts begin June 20th, Coaches and Clubs may not make an offer to a player during tryouts.  The coach or club may begin offering team spots as of  June 26th after 8pm.

4. The clubs will be required to submit player registrations by July 18th for U10 through U15 (middle school) teams playing in the GBYSL fall season and for U15 (high school)  through U19 teams by September 16th.

5. Failure to register to a team by the established registration dates will be subject to a late registration penalty of double the registration fee. Exceptions will be made to new residents to the northern Nevada area and players with injuries during the tryout period. Injury exceptions will require doctor verification.

All players for the seasonal year 2016/2017 please plan to attend the tryouts beginning June 20 and ending July 10. The tryout information for team tryouts has been posted to the GBYSL website, www.gbysl.org. It is located under the "Competitive" menu tab of the website. In addition, you may locate the individual club tryout information on each club's website. The website addresses are located on the GBYSL website under the Club tab (which is located in the drop down menu under the "HOME" tab).

Best of luck to all players attending tryouts this year and have an enjoyable summer!

Great Basin Youth Soccer League Board of Directors

                                                                            Article 18
                                                                        TRYOUT POLICY
Players in every age division may tryout each year during the tryout window. The tryout window opens the second Monday after the end of the GBYSL spring season and runs no longer than 3 weeks.

Rules for tryouts.

A. Coaches can contact players regarding tryouts AFTER the GBYSL spring season ends. This date will be published annually by GBYSL. (For the June/July 2016 tryouts, Coaches/Clubs may talk to players beginning June 10th.)

B. No advertising prior to 30 days before the beginning date of tryouts.

C. NO tryout flyers can be handed out at State Cup games, qualifiers and finals or GBYSL League games. This includes passing out to players or placing on vehicles in the parking lot or near the fields.

D. Offers cannot be made to players until the date and time determined annually by GBYSL. The date for the 2016/2017 tryouts will be after 8pm on June 26th.  Players cannot be forced to sign registration paperwork in advance of this date; any coach found guilty of this will be subject to ruling from NYSA Discipline Committee.

E. If a player signs registration paperwork during the tryout period they can change their mind during the tryout period. They must notify the original coach and GBYSL as soon as possible in writing, email is acceptable.

F. No communication regarding tryouts can be announced until 30 days prior to the actual tryout dates. This includes all leagues, clubs, teams and independent teams.

G. Refer to NYSA policies regarding poaching, enticements and scholarships for prospective players.

H. Flyers/advertisements must include all fees associated with the team, league fees, club fees, uniform fees, traveling fees, training fee and any other such fee associated with the team.

The following disclaimer must be on all flyers, advertisements etc.

(Soccer Club/Team) and the Great Basin Youth Soccer League encourage all unregistered young athletes attending competitive soccer tryouts to actively participate in different Club or Team tryouts so they may fully understand the training programs and benefits that individual Teams or Clubs may offer. Participating in (Soccer Club/Team) tryout DOES NOT register you to play, or bind you to the particular Club or Team. For additional information, please speak to a Club/Team Representative or call GBYSL.

If a player is currently registered on an NYSA team, the player must obtain a “PlayerAction Form” signed by his or her current coach and have it in his or her possession prior to any team or club tryout he or she attends. Likewise, it is the responsibility of the Club or Team holding tryouts to obtain, either verbally or written, a statement from the player attending their tryouts whether he or she are currently registered with another NYSA team.

                                                             ARTICLE 4 - Teams and Players
                                                 Transfer of Players from One Team to Another.

A. Players are registered to a team for the seasonal year as defined above.

B. GBYSL will inform NYSA of their transfer window as per NYSA Policy.

C. The GBYSL transfer window will only apply to U10-U14 Divisions. Transfers in the U15-U19 divisions will not be recognized by GBYSL, and those players will not be eligible for League play. Exceptions will be determined by the GBYSL Executive Board.

D. U11-U14 players transferring during the GBYSL transfer window will required to sit out the team’s next (2) League games.

E. A player who is registered during a season with one team, may not transfer to another League team during the seasonal year unless:

1. Special circumstances (such as moving to another area, disciplinary problems or dissolution of a team) exist; and

2. The transfer is requested in writing on forms furnished by the League Registrar and which are filled out correctly and signed by the player and a parent or guardian, and

3. Both coaches and the League Commissioner approve the transfer and sign the form, in which case, the League Registrar shall also approve the transfer and sign the form and process it. (NYSA Rule)

F. No team may add more than three "transferred" players to its roster during the season. Transferred players are defined as those who were previously registered with any USYSA team. (NYSA Rule). However, teams are free to add any new players to their roster at any time and without limitation. (NYSA Rule).

G. In order to play in NYSA State Cup competition, players must be registered at least fourteen days before the competition starts. (NYSA Rule)



 c. All competitive teams are required to provide and have posted at tryouts a detailed fact sheet about their team/club. Items would include (but not limited to) proposed tournaments, training, training staff, fees, etc. and the following disclaimer:


“INSERT CLUB OR TEAM NAME” and the Great Basin Youth Soccer League encourages all young athletes attending competitive soccer tryouts to actively participate in different Club/Team Academy tryouts so they may fully understand the training program or benefits that individual

Teams or Clubs may offer to you. Participating in “Your Soccer Club/Team” tryout DOES NOT register you to play, or binds you to that particular Club or Team. For additional information, please speak to a Club/Team Representative or call the Great Basin Youth Soccer League at (775) 250-8509


d. Advertising for Club or Team tryouts may not be made public until thirty (30) days before each year’s tryout dates as specified in Items b.1 and b.2 above. Such advertising MUST carry the disclaimer under Item c. above with a minimum font size of 8.