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Premier Physical Therapy & Sports Performance is a soccer based rehabilitation facility in Reno, NV offering soccer-specific physical therapy and performance enhancement training.  Premier is owned and operated by Tim Kuhn, DPT, CSCS, who has over 25 years of playing experience, over 10 years of coaching experience and 5+ years of college soccer consulting.  Tim holds a doctorate in physical therapy with more than 9 years of orthopedic/sports medicine experience, 10+ years as a soccer conditioning/performance enhancement specialist for high school and collegiate soccer players, and was recently selected to coach the UNR Men's Club Soccer Team. Tim's dream for Premier Physical Therapy & Sports Performance is to become the primary soccer rehabilitation and reconditioning facility for the Reno/Sparks area. He has hand selected a soccer-based and athletic professional staff so that each injured player will have the greatest recovery potential.  He is committed to helping young men and women in this area pursue and achieve their soccer goals by helping them back onto the pitch quickly if they are injured, and by improving their overall performance once fit.  Tim also enjoys helping the weekend warrior keep his or her soccer dream alive! The next time you get injured and your doctor recommends physical therapy, tell your doctor you want to go where soccer players go, Premier Physical Therapy & Sports Performance!  Remember, as a consumer you have the right to choose, so why not choose the soccer rehabilitation and reconditioning experts, Premier Physical Therapy & Sports Performance.