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Competitive Teams Information


Friday, Saturday and Sunday – All teams play

Monday - 12B and 14/15B
Tuesday - U10G, U11G,  U16-19G
Wednesday – U10B, U11B, U13B, U16-19B
Thursday - U12G, U13G, U14/15G



GBYSL Competitive League- Points Setup and Tie Breaker Setup

Points Setup Tie-Breaker Setup
Points Per Win- 3 Tie Breaker 1- Head to Head
Points Per Tie- 1 Tie Breaker 2- Most Wins
Points Per Loss- 0 Tie Breaker 3- Most Shutouts
Additional Points Per Goal- 0 Tie Breaker 4- Goals Against
Additional Points Per Goal Count Limit- 0 Tie Breaker 5- Goals For
Penalty Points, Yellow Card- 0 Tie Breaker 6- Goal Differential
Penalty Points, Red Card- 1 Goals For Limit- 6
Penalty Points, Coach Ejections- 3 Points Against Team Goals Against Limit- 6
Goals Differential Limit- 6

Game Scheduling Resources

Video Instructions for Game Rescheduling Procedures

Please click on the link above to watch a video with instructions for game rescheduling.

Guest Player Policy

Competitive Forms

2018-2019 Age Chart
BORN IN 2008- U11 BORN IN 2003- U16
BORN IN 2007-U12 BORN IN 2002- U17
BORN IN 2006- U13 BORN IN 2001- U18
BORN IN 2005- U14 BORN IN 2000- U19
BORN IN 2004- U15

US Youth Soccer Heading Protocol

GBYSL revised the Heading Policy we will enforce beginning Fall 2018.  U12 and older will now be allowed to head the ball.  Our current heading restrictions as posted in Article 23 - RULES OF PLAY.

Players in U11 programs and younger shall not engage in heading, either in practices or in games.

US Youth Soccer Heading Protocol
Rule 305. HEADING

Section 1. This rule is mandatory for all US Youth Soccer conducted events, including Regional and National competitions for the National Championship Series, and National Presidents Cup series. This rule is also mandatory for the US Youth Soccer National League, US Youth Soccer Regional Leagues, and the US Youth Soccer Olympic Development Program.

Section 2. Although not mandatory for US Youth Soccer State Associations, State Associations are strongly encouraged to adopt this Rule for state and local play.

Section 3. All Players age 10 years of age and under shall not head the ball directly from the air in any match or competition, nor shall these players practice heading the ball in any organized team setting. If a player age 10 or younger deliberately heads the ball in a match, the referee shall award an indirect free kick to the opposing team at the spot of the infraction. If the heading occurs within the penalty area, the referee shall move the ball outside the penalty area and award an indirect free kick to the opposing team.

Players age 11 and age 12 shall be permitted to head the ball in any match or competition. These players may practice heading the ball in an organized team practice or skill session, but coaches shall monitor this practice so that no single player heads the ball more than 25 times per week, regardless of setting.

Players age 13 and older shall be permitted to head the ball in any match or competition and these players may practice heading the ball in an organized team practice or skill session.

Build Out Lines Resources




GotSoccer Login

Please click on the link above to access the GotSoccer login page.

Resource Materials


Practice field sign up Letter to Coaches and Team Managers

Dear Coaches and Team Managers, 

Practice fields will be available to permit beginning, March 4th, 2019.  The fields will NOTopen until they have been released to GBYSL per City of Sparks, Washoe County and Reno Youth Sports Association (Reno fields).  I am hoping we will be able to use the fields sometime the week of March 4th.  We have been warned that due to the current saturation of the fields and the coming weather this weekend, we may not open until the fields are ok to play upon.

Please follow the instructions for finding the list of available practice fields, the procedure and the date to sign up.  The practice field list is posted to www.gbysl.orgunder the “Competitive Division” menu tab.  It is at the top of the page.  You cannot miss it!

PLEASE PAY ATTENTION TO THE SIGN UP DATE and instructions if you have never done this before this season OR even if you have done this before!!    

•   Field Reservations will be accepted starting at 7:00 am MONDAY, March 4TH.  Please note the time to start requesting is 7:00 AM or later.  Reservations will be accepted BY EMAIL TO:  executivedirector@gbysl.org  

  • All teams will reserve their practice field directly with Vicki at GBYSL. 
  • Please submit a first, second, and third choice with field and time slot preference.  Your time slot must match the time slot posted on the field matrix.  

For example:  

  • Two Days of the Week you wish to practice, i.e. Monday/Wednesday
  • Time on Practice

            1. Diedrichson School, Monday and Tuesday, 5pm to 6:30pm

            2.  Lemmon Valley Park, Monday and Wednesday, 6pm to 7:30pm

            3.  Diedrichson Elementary School, Wednesday and Friday, 5pm to 6:30pm

Many of the fields have specific time slots, please pay attention.  This is so we may fit as many teams as possible on the field each night. 

  • Please be sure to give me 3 choices.  Some of the fields are highly requested and I may not be able to fill your first choice.  I will move to your second or third request. 
  • Do not submit your request prior to 7am, Wednesday, March 4th.  I will have to return it.  I log the requests in by the time and date submitted on the email
  • If you send it early, you will have to resubmit to be fair to all the teams.   

Final notes: 

Park Rangers and City/County Officials will be looking for your league-issued permits.  I will be sending you a permit written on league letterhead and the actual city and county permit once I receive them.  The GBYSL letter will have your team name, practice field, practice day and time on it.  Please make sure you have it in your possession while practicing.  This will also help you with any non-GBYSL teams on your practice field during your designated practice time.  We have had trouble with non-permitted teams practicing without the proper permits. 


I will begin assigning your practice fields Monday, March  4th. 

Hopefully, weather permitting, the Cities of Sparks and Reno and Washoe County will open practice fields next week.

Thank you,   



 Article 21

PLAY UP/DOWN POLICY – Competitive and Academy Players and Teams

GBYSL encourages players to play in their appropriate age group.  Playing in an age group higher than their actual age should be reserved for players with exceptional technical and tactical abilities.  There are physical, social and emotional ramifications to playing in higher age groups.  The decision to play up should be given careful consideration by parents, coaches and the club to ensure that it is in the best interest of the player.  This policy provides guidelines for requesting Play up Approval.

U5-U19 – 2 year play up allowed with properly completed and signed paperwork.  Play up Request Form must be filled out completely and signed by the Approved Club Evaluator, Club DOC and Club President.  Parental Waiver must also be signed.  Players must be evaluated and Play up Request Forms must be resubmitted EVERY year to GBYSL

U15-U19 –Players wishing to play up more than two years must complete the Play up Request Form and Parental Waiver.  Requests must be submitted to GBYSL for Executive board approval.  If approval is granted, it is for the seasonal year (July to June).  Requests must be approved EVERY year.

Independent teams can request an evaluator be provided by GBYSL for a $25 fee.

Play down Requests must be approved by the GBYSL Executive Board and will only be considered for one year age difference.  No team may have more than (3) players playing down. Exceptions may be made for teams from outlying areas.

Requests requiring GBYSL Executive Board approval must be submitted to the GBYSL office at least 7 days prior to the official start date of the competitive season.

Competitive League Appeal procedures – Appeals will be heard at the discretion of the GBYSL Executive Board.

Competitive Team Play Up/Play Down – Decisions regarding play up or play down for competitive teams are made by the GBYSL General Board at the seasonal bracketing meeting.

Play Up Request Forms


For registration, an updated policy has been approved regarding the team roster size needed to register a team.  The policy is:

“GBYSL will not register a team to league play unless the team roster has the minimum number of players to field a team according to the team age division.  For example, U10 will play 7v7, U11 and U12 will play 9v9; therefore they must have 7 (U10) and 9 (U11 & U12) players to register the team.  U13 and up teams play 11v11 and must have 11 players to register the team to the game schedule.”

Coaches will need to submit their blackout dates to the game schedule by the date announced by the league game scheduler.  The date will be determined at the bracketing meeting held shortly after the registration deadline.

Each team is required to have at least two certified USSF referees.  The names of their referees are required to be submitted for the game schedule.

Player adds after the game schedule season begins, must be submitted by Tuesday of each week to be returned by Friday. 


Registration Refunds.  Registration fee refunds can be awarded to individual players ONLY under the following circumstances:

  1. 100% refund: The League Registrar has processed no registration paperwork
  2. 50% refund: Paperwork has been processed but the team has played no games.

Refund Procedure: A written request from the player or parent/guardian must be submitted to the team coach and forwarded to the League Registrar with the coach’s endorsement of the refund. The date the paperwork is received by the Registrar is considered the date of the request for a refund. The League Treasurer will issue a refund check to the player/parent/guardian as soon as possible.


US Youth Soccer Travel paperwork is no longer required to travel outside of Nevada to any state in Region IV, except Cal South (this may be changing).  Notification of travel out of state is required though.  Please notify Vicki of your intent to travel via email to executivedirector@gbysl.org.

The traveling team must have a rostered D licensed HEAD coach attending the tournament in order to be approved to travel out of state.

1.  Email Vicki at executivedirector@gbysl.org your intention to travel to an out of state tournament as a USYS team.  Send her the travel roster of players attending the event.

2.  If you add guest players at a later date, send that information as well.  Guest paperwork will be required to be signed by the lending coach.  A state travel signature is no longer required.  

3.  If you are traveling as US Club with US Club cards, no notification is necessary.

4.  If you are traveling on your NYSA State cards to a US Club tournament, US Club insurance is no longer necessary.  You do need to submit the "Travel to US Club document to Vicki, but a signature is no longer required.  The form is below.  


If you have any questions about the NIAA or Washoe County School District guidleines regarding the no student contact period please see your Athletic Director. The WCSD off-season guidelines are posted below.

Educational Player Development Documents

Guidelines for Casts per League Guidelines

CAST & BRACES: Must have a signed doctor’s release releasing the player to play.  The Center Referee has the final say as to the safety of the player and other players regarding casts.  Casts must be wrapped with ½” foam, bubble wrap or appropriate material. Knee braces must be covered with the manufacturer’s sleeve. No other wraps will be accepted.