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Scholarship Fund Information and FAQs

Who is eligible?
All players registered(ing) for play with Great Basin Youth Soccer League for the upcoming season.  If more than one member of a family requests funds, then the maximum allowed is 50% of the amount GBYSL will be disbursing toward registration fees.

What fees will be covered?
GBYSL registration fees only.  No uniforms, club fees or tournament fees.  It is the philosophy of committee that the individual clubs assist with the other mentioned fees. The GBYSL Board voted only 50% of the GBYSL registration fee will be covered for up to 3 players per team.

How are requests for scholarship submitted?
All requests must come directly to GBYSL either with the Recreational registration paperwork or with your competitive team paperwork. 

Do I still need to submit my registration fees and wait for reimbursement?
Since full scholarship of registration fees is very rare, all registrations still need to submit the funds for GBYSL soccer registration.  Once the committee meets and determines the amount available for scholarships, the recipient or recipient's team or club will receive the amount granted in the form of a reimbursement.

Can anyone be denied?
Yes.  If a player has been placed in bad standing with GBYSL or NYSA or any other soccer league that has a reciprocity agreement with GBYSL or NYSA.

Will recipient of scholarship funds be required to do anything other than complete the application and write an essay?
Each scholarship recipient will be asked to perform 3 to 5 hours of community service for the league.  Fall recipients will be asked to work the Soccerfest Day and spring recipients will be asked to work either Soccerfest Day or State Cup finals in Reno.  Failure to complete hours could result in future denial for players.

Are there any other limitations an applicant should be aware?
Yes, if a family requests more than one scholarship, ie, 2 or more children in the family, then the maximum amount to be awarded will be 50% of the amount the committee is able to disburse per request in the season.